Chief Priests

The paramacharyar Velu Muthappa Swamikal

The founder and cheif priest Velu Muthappan was the one who undertook meditation and invocated the deity of sree Vishnumaya Swami and installed it at the Devasthanam after undergoing severe adversities. Young Velu had exemplary intelligence and divine powers that took everybody by surprise .He studied ancient Vedic books and thanthrik manthras and lead a holy life. Thriprayar Ramaswami and Bhuvaneswari Devi always gave their divine presence whenever he prayed for them. When the whole country was suffering due to natural calamities, contagious, diseases and starvation, Velu begged the help of sri Bhuvaneswari Devi and prayed her for relif. She appeared in his dreams and advised him to install the idol of Sree Vishnumaya Swami which contained her power also, and perform rituals and poojas.For this , Velu undertook serve meditation and the God presented himself in front of velu. The lord blessed him and told him that He will be always present at the Devasthanam along with the deites Bhuvaneswari Devi and Brahmarakshas.

The late Devasthanadhipathi Brahmasree Velukutty

Many prominent priests were there as Devasthanadhipathies after VeluMthappan. Brahmasree Velukutty also was equally qualified and capable like his ancestors. He was the grandfather of present Devasthanadhipathi Sree Unni Damodharan. He learned kolezhthu and kalamezhuthu within one year and surprised his parents and teachers. The yong velukutty had a special talent in writting poems on mental sheets and palam leaves and melodically recite it. He also learned ancestral marital arts from the masters who came from malabar region. He became the main priest and Devasthanadhipathi after attaining the power of invocation. For 50 yeares with full devotion he served at the Vishnumaya SWami Devasthanam as Devasthanadhipathi and attained samadhi.

The late former Devasthanadhipathi Brahmasree Damodara Swamikal

The Devasthanam gained its superemacy through its past generations. Brahmasree Damodara Swamikal also attained all the varadanams (boon) through edition . He was born in malayalam year 1009 kanni month karthika star .He become the Devasthanadhipathi at a young age But he was sucessful in enhancing the image of sree vishnumaya Swami to greater heights. During his period as Devasthanadhipathi, people belonging to all castes and religions thronged thanthrik rites and mantras which were really enthralling . He rigorously followed those paths until he took samadhi.

The courteous Devasthanadhipathi Dr.Unni Swamy

The devotees from all parts of the country who reach here are well looked after, given advise and the rituals to be followed to get the blessings of God and solve their difficulites and solace by the present Devasthanadhipathi Unni Dmodaran. He is the strict follower of the great tradition of the Devasthanam. He follows Velu Muthappan's path with faith and devotion and never puts a step forward wrongly. He has the unquestionable will power and management abilities and is ever ready to help the needy. He also follows the path of adhvaidha thoughts of sree sankaracharya . Like a lamp lit from a fireball he follows the tradition of his ancestores in temple worship and performing poojas. He meticulosuly transformed the entire Devasthanam complex to meet the demands of the present generation and made all amentioes for the ever increasing nunmber of devotees. Due to his foresight and belief in Manava 'seva madhava seva', Unni Damodran undertook many philantropic projects and sucessfully implementes it.