Maharoopakkalam‘ is the most significant ‘kalampooja’ (ritual through drawn boxes) held regularly only three times in a year.It is a special ritual which depicts and celebrates the wonderful stories about the Lord by creating the image of Vishnumaya and Maya kooli va ka devi(supposed to be with Shri Parvathy’s power) with powder in five colours.The size of the box ,the multicoloured powder used for making the box as well as the accompanying orchestra hold much significance.

Black colour is obtained from rice husk, yellow colour from dried and pulverised country turmeric,green from dried and floured vaka leaves, vermilion from mixing turmeric and lime,white from floured raw rice.Thses are the five colours used for preparing ‘Maharoopakalam’.The boxes are piously drawn by five persons from the Thira Mannan community.Prior to that they observe a week long severe abstinence.The very same persons also sing the ‘kalampattu’ which celebrates the stories of the Lord’s incarnation.A specially made percussion instrument known as ‘Eezha ra’ accompanies these songs.Another remarkable feature of the event is the ritualistic dance by Thira Mannans in the attire of the tribal deities

The four poojas in the ‘Maharoopakalam[1]‘ are carried out with the resonant chanting of the ‘moolamantra’.For each pooja there will be an ensemble of nagaswaram, panchari,Eezha ra,etc. in accompaniment by turn.It is certain that Vishnumaya Kuttichathan smiles on those who offer ‘Maharoopakalam’ as ‘vazhipadu’ or those who witness Vishnumaya pooja.The past-present-future sins are thus dispelled and all their desired favours will readily be granted by him.Offering or witnessing ‘Maharoopakalam’ is an apt remedy for getting rid of all physical,mental,familial,financial and careerrelated problems arising from black magic and necromancy resorted to by the victims.The Maharoopakala pooja at Peringottukara Devasthanam is the final word for purgation of all negative energies from those who have tried it.

In India, ‘Maharoopakalam[2]‘ is performed only at Peringottukara Devasthanam[3] Mahavishnumaya Kuttichathan temple.The very touch of your feet on the ‘Maharoopakalam’ is considered ultimate salvation.After watching the dance,devotees can carry with their palm the five-coloured powder from the ‘Maharoopakalam’ and take it home.They can ward off black magic doshas and misfortunes by preserving it.It is also believed to be very effective in bringing in prosperity to the family.In order to ensure it, devotees should take part in the four poojas from the very beginning.All the rites and rituals stipulated by the chief priest and devotee of Bhuvaneswari Devi Brahmasri Velu Muthappa Swamikal are meticulously followed and performed for the ‘Maharoopakala pooja for centuries.

”Witnessing the ‘Maharoopakala’ is a divine blessing.” All devotees should savour the ”thamukku prasadam” that is given at the end to those watching the dance performance of Lord Vishnumaya which is extremely divine.The Lord who is seated in the same ‘Maharoopakalam’ offers consultation and Darshan to the devotees.

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